Offering complementary business security services we provide:
  • Direct protection of top management;
  • Audits for the protection of persons and property;
  • Preparation of security policy and necessary protection documentation;
  • The protection of selected facilities and training their staff in safety procedures;
  • Creating analysis covering - safety, physical and investment risk assessment, threats (terrorism, crime, corruption), local customs;
  • Researches performed by the Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Human Intelligence (HUMINT);
  • Detection of industrial espionage, verifying the reliability of employees and business partners, also in terms of susceptibility to corruption and compliance with competition clauses;
  • Disclosure of unfair competition actions and gathering information on cases of tax crimes and offenses;
  • Preparation of sectoral analyses;
  • Verification of documents, analysis of personal relationships between members of management or shareholders of companies, equity analysis between companies, checking the legal status of movable and immovable property.
We have already a great deal of experience in the organization and realization of protection tasks in the (so-called) "high risk" regions. Entrepreneurs investing in areas at risk of armed conflict or terrorist actions, are offered:
  • Physical protection of selected employees;
  • Protection of corporate and residential buildings;
  • Protected convoys;
  • Protection of stored and transported goods;
  • Ensuring security during business meetings;
  • Organization of local structures responsible for security;
  • Training of local security personnel;
  • Searching for missing persons;
  • Consultancy in the selection and purchase of the necessary tactical equipment, means of rescue and communications.
Concerned about the image of the client, all protective actions are prepared in cooperation with the PR department or the proven consulting partners. Our services are implemented in co-operation with law offices, detective agencies and other entities, including security and safety.