Organizing close protection operations we respect the principle of ensuring the maximum security with minimal interference in the daily lives of customers. For this purpose, we use risk assessment procedures in order to prepare an appropriate security plan. 
We choose forces and means necessary for the effective implementation of the task for each order. Our actions are taken in the regular or ad hoc form throughout the country and abroad.
In terms of VIP close protection we offer as follows:
  • Physical and technical protection of persons;
  • Protection of property, residential and office buildings;
  • Ensuring safety during travel, business and holiday trips;
  • Countersurveillance activities, pyrotechnic reconnaissance and securement; 
  • Events, conferences and business meetings protection.
Our activities are associated with independent security audits performed by international companies, specializing in the risks and threats analysis. All protective actions are performed in compliance with the law, ethical standards, and with complete discretion.