We offer comprehensive office, warehouses, production facilities, as well as private property protection. We provide security with the help of highly qualified staff supported by the latest and modern technical solutions.

We provide following services:

  • direct protection of facilities carried out by armed or unarmed qualified security personnel,
  • systemic protection of facilities employing technical protection measures, including the use of video protection VSS,
  • protection of construction sites for roads and buildings, wind farms and photovoltaic plants with the use of mobile monitoring towers,
  • service for reception and administration offices provided by professionally trained staff, in areas of identifying dangerous shipments, dealing with aggressive people, first aid, evacuation procedures and confidential information,
  • protection of facilities outside Poland, also located in areas threatened by armed conflicts or terrorist activities. We provide this type of service in cooperation with our foreign partners.

Resources necessary to protect facilities are individually tailored to each client. We select solutions that ensure maximum safety while optimising costs.