We offer a modern and secure system for protecting extensive and multi-layered areas: the Video Surveillance System (VSS).

Our VSS is built on CCTV camera technology and integrates video analytics using advanced machine learning algorithms and state-of-the-art hardware. The video analytics module has a database of specific events that it can recognize and analyze on its own, categorizing objects as people, vehicles, animals, and weather conditions.

The system operates 24/7 and constantly analyzes its surroundings. When a burglary or unauthorized entry is detected, a video alarm is automatically generated and sent to the operator at our permanently manned surveillance center for verification. Based on the circumstances, the operator will decide on the appropriate response, such as instructing the intruder to leave via the loudspeaker system or alerting on-site security personnel.

Our system’s combination of automated detection and operator verification ensures maximum effectiveness in protecting the facility, while also reducing the potential for human error and maintaining an optimal level of cost and efficiency.

Benefits of our VSS include:

  • Reliability – the system is 100% efficient and active 24/7
  • Flexibility – the ability to easily adapt to the facility’s specifications and the user’s needs (software can learn correct patterns)
  • Increased security – the ability to eliminate or reduce the need for physical protection, minimizing human error
  • Resistance to adverse weather conditions – a reliable system that performs tasks regardless of fog, rain, snow, light reflection, etc.
  • Facility and remote control – the system allows you to remotely open gates, close doors, control lights and illumination, industrial machinery, and manage access control to the protected facilities
  • Effectiveness – we use certified technology accredited by the UK’s Home Office, responsible for safety and public order
  • Safety in locations without access to power – implemented through mobile monitoring towers
  • Cost reduction – potential savings of up to 50% compared to traditional protection costs, with a fixed price guarantee for 3-5 years
  • Attractive financing options – the ability to finance investments through leasing and other financial instruments, as well as leasing the entire system under contract.