Thanks to the cooperation of government training instructors, our programs align with courses provided by educational centres of the Ministry of National Defence and the Ministry of the Interior, normative documents and the NATO teaching methodology.

The program of each training is individually tailored to the needs and capabilities of the customer.

We offer training in the field of:

  • C-IED – countering improvised explosive devices;
  • EOR – recognition of hazardous and explosive items (UXO / ERW / IED)
  • IEDD – neutralisation of improvised explosive devices
  • CMD EOD – demining of explosive and hazardous items
  • WIT – collection and preservation of evidence – post explosion investigation
  • IED electronics
  • EOD tools
  • Technical Exploitation Operations (TEO) Course:
    • EOD robot
    • Recoilless Disruptor and De-Armer
    • Hook and line kits
    • Portable x-ray machines
    • EOD suits of light and havy duty type
    • Ground penetrating radar
  • Conducting explosives inspection on checkpoint