Explosive ordnance reconnaissance

Global Protection Group (GPG) offers professional explosive ordnance protection services, including the following steps:
  • explosive recognition of objects,
  • explosive recognition of means of transport (cars, trains, aeroplanes, etc.),
  • explosive protection of closed and open events,
  • security control – explosive ordnance for people and luggage,
  • VIP explosive ordnance reconnaissance (vehicle, object, road),
  • control of facilities in terms of preparation and compliance with anti-bomb security procedures,
  • ongoing supervision of implemented security services,
  • training security staff, administrative staff, cleaning staff in the scope of conduct in situations of terrorist threats.

The above services are aimed at:

  • ensuring the safety of people and property in terms of bomb threats,
  • eliminating the risk of false bomb alarms,
  • ensuring that event organizers carry out further functions without interrupting their activities and carrying out preventive evacuation of people.

Listening Device Detection

The threat of illegal surveillance is a danger to which both organizations and individuals are exposed. Companies are increasingly becoming victims of economic espionage, which consists in stealing business secrets, corruption, blackmail, and is primarily based on technological surveillance.

Losses incurred due to such actions are usually extremely high and include non-financial costs, e.g., loss of goodwill. On the other hand, private individuals may become victims of illegal surveillance due to their recognition, position, property, or information.

We offer the following services to ensure your safety:

  • checking premises and vehicles for illegal sound and/or image recording devices,
  • checking vehicles to detect illegal GPS devices,
  • checking mobile phones for the presence of spyware and remote eavesdropping software,
  • counter – surveillance security for business meetings.


We offer services using specially trained dogs to search for explosives, hazardous substances, and intoxicants. Dogs and their handles come with recommendations from government services obtained for their excellent cooperation in securing international celebrations.

All dogs used by GPG are approved by the Polish Association of Service Dogs Instructors and Handlers – an association responsible for training officers and soldiers. Their qualifications are constantly raised during numerous training courses carried out both in country and abroad.

Our K9 team provides services in the following areas:

  • Security – identification of explosive ordnance at conferences, sports, and artistic events.
  • Specialist training of dogs and handlers to prepare them to detect explosives and dangerous objects (including narcotic substances) in various surroundings.
  • Sale of carefully selected and professionally trained dogs working in one or more functions. We offer the following breeds:
    • Belgian Malinois
    • German Shepherd
    • Dutch Shepherd Dog