Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance

Global Protection Group (GPG) offers professional explosive ordnance protection services, including:
  • Explosive recognition of buildings
  • Explosive recognition of vehicles (cars, trains, airplanes, etc.)
  • Explosive protection of events
  • Security control for people and luggage
  • VIP explosive ordnance reconnaissance (vehicle, rooms, road)
  • Control of facilities to ensure compliance with anti-bomb security procedures
  • Continuous supervision of implemented security services
  • Training security staff, administrative staff, and janitorial staff on how to handle terrorist threats

These services are aimed at:

  • Ensuring the safety of people and property from bomb threats
  • Eliminating the risk of false bomb alarms
  • Allowing event organizers to carry out their functions without interrupting their activities or unnecessarily evacuating attendees.

Eavesdropping Detection

Illegal surveillance is a constant and prevalent threat to private individuals, corporate entities, NGOs, and other organizations who may be unknowingly exposed by hostile third parties. Companies are increasingly becoming victims of economic espionage, which involves stealing business secrets, corruption, and blackmail, and is often supported by technological surveillance.

The losses incurred from such actions can be significant and may include non-financial costs such as loss of goodwill. Private individuals may also become victims of illegal and clandestine surveillance due to their status, public recognition, political or social position, wealth, or information they possess.

To ensure your safety, we offer the following services:

  • Checking premises and vehicles for illegal audio/visual recording devices
  • Inspection of vehicles to detect GPS devices
  • Thorough examination of mobile phones for the presence of spyware and remote eavesdropping software
  • Counter-surveillance security for business meetings


We offer services using specially trained dogs capable of conducting dedicated surveillance to detect explosive materials, hazardous substances, and intoxicants. Our dog handlers and K-9s possess certificates and references issued by government services, obtained through their cooperation in securing international events.

All of our K-9s are approved by the Polish Association of Service Dogs Instructors and Handlers, an association responsible for training military personnel. Their qualifications are continuously improved through numerous training courses within Poland and abroad.

Our K9 team provides services in the following areas:

  • Security – identification of explosive ordnance at conferences, sporting events, and artistic events.
  • Specialist training of dogs and handlers to prepare them for detecting explosives and harmful objects (including narcotic substances) in diverse environments.
  • Sale of carefully selected and professionally trained dogs that work in one or more functions. We offer the following breeds:
    • Belgian Malinois
    • German Shepherd
    • Dutch Shepherd Dog