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NIL Military Unit Commander 
    I hereby confirm that The Global Protection Group from Legnica prepared and implemented the tactical special (shooting) training in the field of efficient and effective use of weapons necessary to perform tasks in special operations. The training was prepared for the soldiers of the Military Unit 4724 (JW NIL). The service was provided timely and fairly and in accordance with the conditions specified in the order specification, with full and comprehensive material and technical provisions and by professional and dedicated instructors. Considering the manner of preparing the training course and its implementation, I recommend the company as a contractor and organizer of activities including topical issues.
NIL Military Unit Commander 
ArcelorMittal Warsaw
    This training was attended by about 500 employees of the scrap suppliers cooperating with our steel mill. Also steel smelter workers and Silscrap company employees providing scrap supplies for ArcelorMittal steel mills in Poland  participated in this training. Trainings were organized at the steelworks in Warsaw as well as in the Silscrap branch in Bielsko-Biala. The complementary elements implemented by GPG were also presentations placed on our website, which were designed for employees - suppliers, who did not participate in the training. Trainings have been well received by both the participants and the ArcelorMittal Warsaw authorities.
ArcelorMittal Warsaw
  • 31st Air Force Base Commander
    The training was conducted with due diligence as it had been carefully prepared with regard to the subject-matter and organization. Professionalism while conducting the course, a good choice of practical exercises as well as very good source materials deserve special attention. I am extremely pleased to state that GLOBAL PROTECTION GROUP provides top quality training services in terms of methodology and practice.
    31st Air Force Base Commander
    I confirm that Global Protection Group has conducted professional training for employees of Vector Synergy Ltd. The training was entitled "Individual Common Core Skills" and meant to prepare participants to work in Afghanistan, where they can meet risks associated with hostilities. The training included theoretical and practical part and was implemented in a fair way in terms of content and organization. I would recommend Global Protection Group to public institutions and businesses as a partner worth of cooperation and trust.
  • Ministry of Justice
    The subject of the training, professionalism, as well as the instructor's vast experience and employment of innovative teaching methods allow the participants to apply the knowledge they have gained in their professional work. Competently combining theoretical issues with practical classes has brought notable effects such as upgrading the professional qualifications of the participants. I am convinced that the offer of Global Protection Group will meet the needs of companies which wish to invest in the knowledge and development of their employees.
    Ministry of Justice
  • Commander of the Carpathian Support Centre of the Border Guard in Nowy Sacz
    We are very pleased to recommend  the services of Mr XXX, an instructor in The Global Protection Group. Within our cooperation Mr. XXX conducted specialised training courses in the scope of detention of especially dangerous offenders within fighting against cross-border crime and organized crime in the situation when using firearms (with elements of communication in English). The training was organized on the basis of Police Training Centre objects located in Legionowo. The training was attended by forty officers of cooperating services: Border Guard, Internal Security Agency and The Central Bureau of Investigation of the Police. Instructor XXX was responsible for the fields of "Special Tactics" and "Shooting small arms" and in this regard, he conducted a training including the following issues:
    • shooting training, individual and team shooting,
    • tactics and techniques of entering premises as well as tactics and techniques of search of an object, tactics and techniques of action team movement in corridors and stairways,
    • force tactics and techniques of overcoming obstacles with the use of technical and fire measures, training in various ways of overcoming obstacles by action teams through the use of available technical equipment.
    The instructor demonstrated both commitment and professionalism during the implementation of the training. High professionalism and experience in implementing the training enabled effective use of both time and potential of participants.
    Commander of the Carpathian Support Centre of the Border Guard in Nowy Sacz
  • Commercial Metals Company
    On behalf of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health and Fire Protection, CMC Poland I would like to thank for the professional organization and conducting of a series of comprehensive trainings in recognizing and taking action in case of detection of Explosives and Dangerous Items of military origin. The cycle of trainings was carried out in a competent, substantial and intelligible manner.  It was implemented on the basis of current information about the threats of explosive objects. The classes significantly contributed to raising the level of security, in particular in the scope of identification and safe response in case of detecting dangerous objects or explosives of military origin (unexploded ordnance, unexploded shells). Considering the manner of preparing and the course of the training, the company recommends Mr. Przemyslaw Grabowski - The Global Protection Group as a reliable contractor and organizer of activities including the subject matters mentioned above.
    Commercial Metals Company

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