When organising close protection / executive protection operations, we ensure maximum security with minimal interference in everyday life of our clients. For this purpose, we conduct risk assessments that allow us to estimate potential threats and prepare an appropriate protection plan.

We select relevant resources necessary for effective implementation of tasks individually for each order. We carry out our activities on either a permanent or ad hoc basis throughout the country and abroad. All protective activities are performed to comply legally, ethically, and with complete discretion.

We offer comprehensive close protection services:

  • physical and technical protection of individuals
  • protection of properties, both residential and office buildings
  • travel safety for both business and leisure trips
  • counter – surveillance activities, as well as explosive ordnance reconnaissance and protection
  • protection of special events, conferences, and business meetings

For the purpose of client image, we prepare all activities in cooperation with their Point of Contact. We provide services either by ourselves, or in cooperation with other security and safety industry entities.

We have extensive experience organising and implementing protective tasks in “High Risk” environments.

For entrepreneurs investing in areas at risk of armed conflicts or terrorist activities, we offer:

  • physical protection of selected employees – close protection,
  • securing company and residential buildings,
  • convoy escort and protection,
  • protection of stored and transported goods,
  • ensuring safety during business meetings,
  • organisation of local structures responsible for security,
  • training local security personnel,
  • advice on selecting and purchasing necessary tactical equipment, rescue equipment, and communication systems.