Our goal in arranging close protection/executive protection operations is to provide maximum security with minimal disruption to our clients’ daily lives. To achieve this, we conduct risk assessments to identify potential threats and develop an appropriate protection plan. We carefully select the necessary resources for each individual assignment and carry out our activities on either a permanent or ad hoc basis both in the country and abroad.

We ensure that all of our actions are compliant with local laws and universal ethical standards, and we always operate with absolute discretion.

Our comprehensive close protection services include:

  • Physical and technical protection of individuals
  • Protection of residential and commercial properties
  • Travel safety for both business and leisure trips
  • Counter-surveillance activities, as well as explosive ordnance reconnaissance and protection
  • Protection of special events, conferences, and business meetings

To maintain our clients’ good public image, we work closely with their point of contact to plan all activities. We provide our services either directly or in collaboration with other security and safety industry representatives. We also have extensive experience organizing and implementing protective measures in high-risk environments.

For entrepreneurs investing in areas at risk of armed conflict or terrorism, we offer:

  • Physical protection for selected employees (close protection)
  • Securing company and residential buildings
  • Convoy escort and protection
  • Securing stored and transported goods
  • Ensuring safety during business meetings
  • Organizing local security infrastructure
  • Training local security personnel
  • Advising on the selection and purchase of necessary tactical equipment, rescue equipment, and communication systems