We offer comprehensive protection for offices, warehouses, production facilities, as well as private properties. Our security is supported by highly qualified staff and the latest modern technical solutions.

Our services include:

  • Direct protection of facilities through armed or unarmed qualified security personnel
  • Systemic protection of facilities using technical protection measures, including our Video Surveillance System
  • Protection of construction sites for roads and buildings, wind farms, and photovoltaic plants through the use of mobile monitoring towers
  • Providing professionally trained staff for reception and administration offices, trained in identifying dangerous shipments, handling aggressive individuals and groups, first aid, evacuation procedures, and handling confidential information
  • Protection of facilities outside Poland, including in regions threatened by armed conflict or terrorism (provided in collaboration with foreign partners)

We always design the necessary resources for protecting a facility based on the specific requirements of each client, selecting tailor-made solutions that ensure maximum safety while optimizing costs.