Security Advice

GPG’s chief goal is to provide comprehensive security and business risk management solutions. We deliver a wide range of protection and advisory services through internal and external verification. We effectively support our clients with the knowledge and experience gained through numerous years of work in both the government and private security sectors.

We offer a team of experts able to assist in the following areas:

  • Creating required documentation, procedures, instructions, policies, or adapting existing documents to applicable legal regulations and standards (compliance)
  • Verification of business partners
  • Post-incident internal investigations and follow-up actions
  • Travel arrangement and ensuring the safety of individuals on trips
  • Threats analysis and verification of incidents
  • Selection of security personnel
  • Selection of equipment and individual protection measures
  • Organization of protective measures outside of Poland.

Independent Security Coordinator

We offer innovative solutions in security management, including an independent security coordinator. Our specialists and team of experts, when necessary, will support you in creating a safe work environment.

The coordinator will assist in selecting the relevant services and resources needed to secure your business. They will also prepare and implement required protective documentation and conduct relevant safety training, as well as sourcing contractors.

The advantages of the services offered include:

  • Independent safety assessment aimed at protecting the client’s interests
  • Increasing the level of safety and quality of security services – this is ensured by the professional organization of tasks and professional supervision of their implementation
  • Specialist support – experts in relevant fields will be used depending on the nature of the task
  • Cost reduction and increased efficiency of working time – payments are made for the service provided, not for readiness to work and being on standby
  • High-quality services – provided by experienced and highly qualified experts
  • Greater stability of care for the company’s entrusted property and organizational functions – independence from the limitations of standard working hours and employee absenteeism.

Security and protection documentation

At Global Protection Group (GPG), we understand the importance of maintaining up-to-date and compliant security and protection documentation. Our team of experts can review your existing documentation and identify any discrepancies, providing recommendations for improvement.

Our services include:

  • Verification of compliance with security/safety plans, procedures, instructions, and applicable standards and legal regulations (such as the Act on the Protection of Persons and Property, the Anti-Terrorist Act, GDPR, ADR, and others)
  • Preparation and implementation of necessary documentation, including plans, safety procedures, and instructions
  • Comprehensive guidance on developing a security policy for your organization.

By keeping your documentation current and compliant, you can ensure the optimal level of protection for your business or organization.

Security audit

Our security system verification procedures are designed to protect our clients by conducting an extensive audit process. This allows us to determine which solutions used by our clients are effective and, if necessary, propose appropriate remedial measures and improvements.

The scope of our audit service includes:

  • Analysis of current and potential threats
  • Assessment of the level of existing security
  • Evaluation of the functioning of organizational and procedural solutions
  • Assessment of the interaction of individual elements within the security system
  • Analysis of security documentation, manuals, and guidance instructions
  • Conducting penetration tests
  • Proposed actions to eliminate or minimize potential threats.

The purpose of the audit is to:

  • Verify applied protective measures
  • Obtain a realistic and objective view of the organization’s security
  • Adjust procedures to comply with legal regulations and standards
  • Increase the organization’s operational resilience to internal and external events
  • Increase employee awareness of the security environment.