We offer training to prepare students for contact with aggressive/dangerous individuals in crisis.

Participants learn to identify personality disorders and mental diseases, and then they learn how to deal with the diagnosed individual. They are educated in the field of active listening and emotional stabilization. Practical exercises aimed to develop correct procedures when dealing with disturbed/aggressive persons.

Police negotiators conduct classes with many years of experience in solving crises.

Depending on the recipient’s profile, training courses are offered in the following variants:

  • Dealing with difficult clients – ideal for employees directly serving “demanding” clients.
  • Dealing with an aggressive and dangerous person – training recommended, among other things, secretariat employees, social workers, security guards, paramedics, officers of uniformed services.
  • Telephone contact with a person in crisis – recommended: emergency call centres.
  • Training the ability to deal with stress de-escalate your tension, anxiety, and anger.