Global Protection Group (GPG) offers specialized training courses designed to prepare individuals and teams for handling aggressive or dangerous individuals in crisis situations.

Our expert trainers, who include experienced police negotiators with a proven track record of resolving crisis situations, will lead participants through a range of practical exercises to reinforce the skills and knowledge gained during the training.

We offer a range of training courses tailored to the specific needs of our clients, including:

  • Dealing with challenging clients: This course is ideal for employees who work directly with demanding clients, such as ultra high net worth individuals.
  • Dealing with aggressive and dangerous individuals: This course is recommended for office employees, social workers, security guards, paramedics, and officers of uniformed services.
  • Phone contact with a person in crisis: This course is ideal for employees working in emergency call centers.
  • De-escalating tension, anxiety, and anger: This course introduces techniques for de-escalating tense or volatile situations.

In addition to teaching participants how to identify personality disorders and specific mental states, these courses focus on effective methods for interacting with and resolving conflicts with such individuals. They also cover the principles of active listening and emotional stabilization, helping participants to effectively handle difficult situations and keep themselves and others safe.