Our training series on EaDI in metallic waste is designed for employees of steel mills and companies that handle metal waste and scrap metal. The aim of the training is to prepare students to recognize and properly handle EaDI in such materials.

The training is divided into several advanced levels and is tailored to the professional tasks performed by the course participants. A block of classes for employees who are directly involved in the process of sorting and assessing metal waste (those who are exposed to direct contact with EaDI) covers the following topics:

  • UXO/UXBs: EaDI of military origin that may be found throughout the country. The training covers descriptions, technical data, and features that facilitate recognition.
  • Basic procedures to be followed after the detection of EaDI.
  • Practical classes in recognition and action after the disclosure of EaDI.

A block of classes for managerial staff responsible for organizing work is extended to cover the following topics:

  • Principles of conducting crisis actions after the disclosure of EaDI (securing the site) or an accident related to the operation (e.g., explosion) of EaDI.
  • Principles of cooperation with the services responsible for neutralizing EaDI (police, army) and the obligations of these services.