Training courses are designed to prepare students to behave appropriately in an emergency. Traineese will learn about the most common methods of operation (Modus Operandi) of criminals and terrorist attacks. Then, they are tought how to avoid such dangers and, if unavoidable, how to survive in extreme conditions.

Depending on the recipient’s profile, training courses are offered in the following variants:

  • Dealing with threats of terrorist attacks – training for all employees of institutions and companies exposed to attacks.
  • Conduct in a hostage situation – classes that prepare students to behave in extreme situations properly, such as, for example, abduction or hostage-taking.
  • Security of entrepreneurs and top management – courses for individuals exposed to criminal activities due to their company position, information, or significant assets.
  • Hostile Environment Safety Training (HEST) – prepares individuals to survive in high-risk regions affected by hostilities or threatened by terrorist attacks and implemented under NATO guidelines.