In everyday life, each of us can find ourselves in a situation where first aid skills can save a human life.

Knowledge of how to proceed in the event of cardiac arrest, anaphylactic shock, spine injury or heart attack is not only the qualification of paramedics but even the basic skills necessary for each of us.

GPG training is aimed at any individual who wants to acquire practical skills in first aid. During the classes, we emphasise in making exercises realistic and adapting them to the situations in which students may find themselves in.

An essential element of each course is the rescuer’s safety and correct reporting procedure to the emergency services.

Depending on the recipient’s profile, training courses are offered in the following variants:

  • Basic First Aid Training – addressed to everyone, regardless of their profession. The program covers basic rescue techniques in the most common situations and the use of an AED.
  • First aid for trauma patients – The classes aim to prepare for providing aid to victims of a physical attack. The training program was prepared using the latest international guidelines in tactical rescue – techniques used by uniformed services.