Classes are designed to prepare students for direct contact with dangerous people in conflict situations. A properly selected conversation strategy often resolves the dispute without the use of force.

Course participants are trained in identifying personality disorders and mental illnesses, and then in the methods of dealing with the diagnosed types of perpetrators.

They learn active listening and emotional stabilisation and use influence techniques to de-escalate the situation. They learn how to cope and de-escalate stress, tension, anxiety, and anger during the training. The classes consist of lectures and practical exercises carried out in the form of situational scenes selected according to tasks and responsibilities of the participants.

Training is prepared by experienced Police Negotiators, who have graduated from recognised international training establishments in cooperation with the Bundeskriminalamt, and is intended for:

  • officers of the Police, Border Guard, Internal Security Agency, and other public order formations
  • soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces and the Military Police
  • security staff